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174) Mr dAVIDSON on 2020-05-11
DAMN good game damn good game very educational i learnt lots from this game, it shook my entire understanding of project managment to its CORE
175) Kelsey Wicks on 2020-05-12
This is an interesting game- definitely gets you thinking! I am having trouble doing multiple simulations. Each time I go to play again it logs me out. When I log back in it says that I have only completed 1 simulation.
176) ariel chiu on 2020-05-24
I think this is a really game, it make me experienced the budget process that the project manager would face to.
177) Khadeeja Sonday on 2020-05-24
very interesting game, i like it, gives a better understanding and helps with understanding
178) Constance on 2020-05-25
The game is very interesting,it wants you to focus as a PM on your activities and also to understand your team.I enjoyed.
179) sihle ndarane on 2020-05-25
This a very interesting game and at the same time it teaches a project manager to monitor his staff and field one where he/she may do better and or alter them on the basis of their strengths flor the project to achieve the set objectives.
180) David Campbell on 2020-05-26
Interesting I will visit again
181) Robert Mwanachilenga on 2020-07-06
Interesting. I enjoyed it. Will definitely do it again. Found it helpful, although the "Timeline" moves very fastsad
182) Chrisna Humphries on 2020-07-28
I found it fun and interesting! smile
183) Md Yunus Pathan on 2020-09-09
yes.. for project management that game is good, we can see over self decision is right or wrong...!
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193 comments found.

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