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Just a quick note about your username and passwords on this site. You do not need to supply any first or last names or passwords at all, but if you don't then anybody can login under your username and add to your 'score'. This site does not directly collect or save any information about you so this isn't so much about security as it is about bragging rights. Feel free to use a fake name if that makes you more comfortable, profanity or inappropriate entries (in our opinion) will be removed. You don't need to provide an email either, do so if you want periodic updates on the game. In the ten years or so that I have been publishing this game I think I have sent out 1 or 2 emails to those interested, so you won't be spammed. Please don't put in fake email addresses, that's just more work for me to clean up the database. Thanks for playing!

ThatPMGame is generously supported by the PMzone, your source for project management training.

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