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154) Denise on 2019-06-04
Interesting game, I played 3 times. Completed and under budget the first time the next 2 times I was over budget. The game is moving so fast, it kept me on my toes maybe and only used the change button the second time when I over spent.
155) Raj Lavingia on 2019-09-25
I loved playing this game. It is very addictive, once you start winning. Out of 5 times I was able to become a winner in 2 times and the remaining ones I went out of budget !! I had to constantly watch the graph since the bar was moving fast and quickly change my players in order to get the right budget and time.
Good experience overall
156) Robc on 2019-09-25
Francis, Denise, Raj!
Thanks so much! I am glad that you all are having fun with game!
157) Xoliswa Mantanga on 2019-09-30
Great fun exercise, gave me understanding to resource allocation while watching budget and time. Indeed addictive I could play more and more until I win
158) Robc on 2019-10-04
Thanks Xol!

Just FYI for everyone, I am moving this game to a new server today. The short term leader boards will reset. If anyone experiences any problems please let me know by posting any issues here. Thank you! Robc.
159) Anet on 2019-10-27
U really liked this game. I lean about allocating and use resources. How importend cost and time is. awesome tool
160) Mzamo Gratitude Ntanjana on 2019-10-28
First I did not know what is going on at this game but by keeping on playing I ended up having a clue of what is going on
161) Ethan on 2019-11-20
It is really fun but some situations are unwinnable or som ae really easy.
162) Mal on 2019-12-02
I found it interesting when using limited information it was possible to put the right workers on appropriate tasks to finish under budget and within time constraints.
163) Anisah on 2020-01-13
i have enjoyed this game!
it showed me how to allocate staff members accordingly and still keep within budget
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183 comments found.

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