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41) Robc on 2012-06-26
It is time to begin sharing our progress on the new 'Senior PM Edition' of the game. Read all about it on my blog here
42) Cordoze on 2012-08-20
Dear Robc,

Thank you very much for creating such a game. I will definitely show it in my training course (Project management for notPMs). I hope you could provide me with any new games you've presented on others resources.
Also, if you have known about any others games (I mean your competitors in this area), please share this info with me.

Thanks a lot and congratulations, it's a great job!
43) Robc on 2012-08-20
Cordoze, thanks!

I am hard at work on the senior version of this game, I think you will like it. Another popular game that I have out there is for craft beer brewers at I list all my games and entertainment websites at I don't think you will find anything quite like the PM game there though. I am also testing other industries for passionate people and trying to develop games that will appeal to those industries.

For additional project management games you can try which is a repository of PM games that is being assembled in Brazil, parts of the site are in English and/or you can use the Google translator. I can't vouch for them per se in terms of their helpfulness to the PM profession but I did list my game there recently after they contacted me.

44) Gug on 2012-10-11
Hello! Thanks for the game. I am wondering if it is possible to set the random seed so that the same scenario can be replayed? I would like to use the game in a classroom setting where we can present the scenario to groups, they can go off and come up with their assignments and then we can run the same scenario several times (corresponding to the different assignments proposed by the groups). Is there an option hidden in the URL perhaps?
45) Robc on 2012-10-11

You are the second person this month to request that feature, unfortunately it is not in the original design. The original game was made very simple and no game data is saved between plays. With this much interest in the feature I will be sure to include it in the next version! I am working practically around the clock to get the next version available... so hopefully people will be able to see some of the new features soon.

Thanks for playing!

46) Robc on 2012-11-25
I have posted a new screenshot of the Senior edition (in development) at
47) amin aghaei on 2012-11-30
48) aruna on 2013-01-03
Dear Robc,

Thank you very much for creating such a game.we are want to get into training business and when can we expect senior version of this?
49) Robc on 2013-01-03
I have set a goal to start open testing of the full game by the end of February, sooner if a few key pieces of code are developed without incident.

The senior version has just reached its first fully playable state this week. A live alpha server is now up and running and the project bidding system is mostly working as expected. The integration of the employee system with the project system was more difficult than anticipated and thus we are behind schedule right now and still working on some key problems there.

Nevertheless the game is coming out great and so I hope you can stick with us until testing opens and then to release hopefully early this year.

50) Peter on 2013-02-12
Great game, look forward to a more complex version
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277 comments found.

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