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197) Phillemon on 2021-03-29
Got it right for the first time
198) Nkosizanokusa on 2021-05-30
I really enjoyed the game, although i got it wrong the first time but i learnt this!
199) Bronwyn on 2021-06-01
Was a interesting game.
200) Simamkele Tezapi on 2021-08-27
It was not easy but a very interesting challenge!!
201) Elizabeth on 2021-09-07
202) MATSATSI on 2021-09-25
very interesting, I have learnt a lot.
203) SIPHIWE PRICILLA NTHO on 2021-09-26
Very interesting informative game my first round was fun I got to save some money and still deliver on time but second attempt I went overbudget but still managed to finish the work on time
204) sthembiso on 2021-09-27
Interesting i learned something
205) Jennifer on 2021-09-27
I thought sometimes fast and expensive for the longest duration part of the project was better suited but I was wrong. Now I know better.
206) Margaret Chibu Chiwala on 2021-09-27
Is this game going to make part of my final mark? I am still trying to grasp the basics of the game
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216 comments found.

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