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91) Kaveh Ashkeshi on 2016-12-05
Hi, Many thanks for sharing the useful information and also the Project Management Game.
92) Elnaz on 2016-12-05
It was fun, helpful and it was a good experience.

Thank you
93) Person on 2016-12-15
This is a very helpful game. Project management simulations are coming up in school and I needed some practice. This helped! Although it is much less complicated than SimulTrain, it is helpful. For a middle schooler, I need a lot of practice before doing SimulTrain, so this helped me A LOT. Thanks so much for developing this game.
94) Craig Black on 2017-01-23
270K under budget! This simulator is really helpful with looking at your variables for getting things done on a deadlne
95) Kong on 2017-01-31
It would be instructional to be able to rerun the same game using the same project variables - including the same "chance" - to see how different resource allocation/plans will perform under the same circumstances? With random "chances", we can also see how robust the plan is in the face of "bad luck"...
96) ;jfajs on 2017-02-08
Interesting game. The page design is excellent. You get a plus also for the staff descriptions.
97) Project Manager on 2017-02-18
Interesting game
I love it
Well done Robc
98) Alex on 2017-02-21
Fantastic game!
99) gmatthews on 2017-04-05
Having played this far more than I should have, I think the next iteration (if there is such a thing) should have a third criteria for each employee. Add scope/talent/quality in addition to speed and cost. That's the holy trinity of project management isn't it? I have to go back and play it again now though.
100) Sue on 2017-04-21
Why won't it work for me? It used to...
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183 comments found.

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