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81) Pablo on 2016-05-25
Hello - thanks for the game. It's very interesting to introduce the training attendants in resource management.
82) JORGE ALBERTO DOS SANTOS on 2016-06-06
Hi Robc,

I am a management teacher and currently researching about project management simulations.
I think your game is very simple and interesting and I would also like to have access to the educational variant.

Best Regards,
83) Jan on 2016-06-09
Hey, this is a great simulation for what it teaches! Any chance I can get access to the game's educational variant? I work in the IT dept for a university and one of our business professors has expressed interest in using this game in his curriculum. Thank you!
84) Turk on 2016-07-14
70.000 under budget and finished in the middle of week number 4.
85) Elson C Alves on 2016-10-05

It was a nice surprise to come across your game.
I'm a teacher in Brazil and would live to use your game as part of my teaching strategy.
Unfortunately not all my students are as good in English as needed to effectively play the game.
Is there any way I could translate your game to Portuguese?
Please, let me know.
86) Racquel on 2016-10-06
I love this game. As a practitioner, I find it helps me keep driven, focused and encouraged when my own projects seem to be stalled.

Thank you.
87) Kathy the real MVP on 2016-10-14
Kathy, John and Jane are the best.
88) Nicholas Delgado on 2016-10-31
It was A fun and helpful game for the entire class.
89) Bruce Wayne on 2016-11-17
90) Dr. Todor S. Todorov on 2016-11-19
Could You please let me know whether it is possible to translate the game in Bulgrian. If it is possible I would love to use the game at my class. I am teaching Project Management for a Master class at the Universityt of National and World Economy and would be if I could use this perfect tool in the stsudy process. Waiting for you reply.
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183 comments found.

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