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71) Dan on 2015-06-26
Woohoo, $300K under budget... beat that!
72) Robc on 2015-08-03
Just FYI, I have closed the senior version servers to concentrate all of my efforts on development of the mobile friendly ThatPMGame "Two". The education variant is still available.
73) mark JF on 2015-08-10
a good simulator, it reinforces the principle of understanding the capability and cost of your resource before assigning tasks
74) Anon on 2015-09-03
I think, we should include union strikes muhahahahahaha
75) maree on 2015-09-17
Hi - would love to be able to run the same game again to show the different results from different resourcing choices. Is it possible to replay the same game?
76) Ioan G. on 2015-10-20
Final cost: $783 K
My rationale was to allocate a fast, reliable (although a little bit more expensive) team member for the first two activities on the critical path and a low-cost member for the last half of the project. I preferred to allocate the average workers for the project tasks that had a certain slack. While assigning workers to the tasks one must pay attention to avoid overallocating the human resources.
Surprisingly enough, I was able to finish this assignment from the first try. This happened not necessarily because I am a great PM, as the website message says, but because of chance. I chose to get some help from the Lady Luck. Without this my project would have been over budget or much closer to the $800K threshold.
The random event generated was a lower cost Task 5. This does not happen very often in projects because in the Project Management world the tendency is to finish projects late and over budget.
Overall, the PM Game was a great initiative and I hope the developer will add more scenarios with different levels of difficulty.
77) Alyssa Miseveth on 2016-01-13
Hey! I mentioned your game in my blog, FYI smile
78) Siyanda on 2016-01-28
Hi Robc,
Thank you so much for this interesting game. I have played it myself and what you learn is really rewarding.

I have directed our group of PM students in their module manual to play this game as one of their activities (provided a link). A very good trigger for discussion. I have also captured a screen shot of the results I got after playing and use the capture in the module guide with the following source reference:

Source: Robc. 2016. The Project Management Game: Test your Skills as a Project Manager. [Date Accessed: 28 January 2016]

Looking forward to play a few more time and other of your games.

Thank you.
79) Robc on 2016-02-18
Thanks very much to both of you! I am working hard on a new version of the game that I hope will add just a little bit more depth to the game while keeping the same quick and simple approach to project management. Your posts encourage me to bring this new version to a state where I can invite testers. I hope to be announcing a date very soon.
80) Hesham Mamdouh on 2016-04-04
Your Game is good, fun and simple keep up the good work smile
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183 comments found.

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