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61) Robc on 2013-08-20
Thanks to the players who have helped with the first round of testing on the senior version of the game. The first round of testing is closed. Open beta testing is scheduled to begin on or before Sept. 1, 2013. So if you want to see this game taken to the next level, be sure to check back at this site then.

62) Robc on 2013-09-13
At long last the senior edition of the game is ready for open testing. You should check it out at
63) Temico Avan on 2014-06-24
thank you for this game very perfect and i can have a lot of score
64) Robc on 2014-06-24
You are welcome! I hope you get a chance to try out the senior version which is in beta testing now. Let me know what you think.
65) Robc on 2014-10-02
Here is an update on the Senior version of the game.

The open beta for the senior version is now closed and testers are only accepted by invitation only. The senior version has been in open beta for little over a year now and we have had a lot of players try it out. What we haven't had is very good feedback from the open testers. Players came, tried it, and left silently. Even when I reached out and begged for feedback I got very little back.

My reaction to this player response has been to sit back and evaluate whether I missed something fundamental in the game design and this has greatly slowed my development process. I have always maintained that the game has to be fun first and educational second and I am in no hurry to put out a second rate product. I have decided to close the beta testing while keeping the servers running for players on an 'invite only' basis. I will send an invite to players who are interested in seeing the new game release and are willing to provide feedback. We still have a small and focused internal testing group and they assure me that I have not missed the mark on the game design but that the game needs a lot of polish before it will appeal generally.

If you want to help shape the final game then give me a shout at and I'd love to discuss where we are going next with the design.


66) Bernard on 2014-10-04
Hi Robc

I would love to help on the game and give you some feedback.

Today is the fist time I have seen this webpage and would have loved to play the Beta version of you game. I am current studying a masters in Project Management for Engineers and think that I would be able to give some constructive feedback if you like.

Best of luck for the rest of the development and I'm looking forward to the release of the game.


67) Robc on 2014-10-06
Thanks Bernard. The Senior version is still open for a couple more days while I get the 'invite only' code into shape. So please go to this link quickly and sign up and I look forward to getting your feedback!
68) fedi on 2015-01-27
it is a business game to students or it is a tool to pm?
69) Jan-Erik on 2015-02-10
I heard that you have also a classroom version of the "That Project Management Game". Is it available somewhere or could you mail one copy to Thank you!

70) Robc on 2015-02-15
I am sorry for my slow reply to these comments. For a faster response to your questions please email me directly at

To update everyone on the status. Although the senior version server is still operating I am not currently supporting that development track. I simply did not get enough positive feedback for the effort. Instead I am taking some of the better design features of the senior game and working to develop a new version of the original game. The new version will be mobile friendly first and will provide a small amount of additional complexity to the original game.

For those of you looking to get access to the educational variant of the original game send me an email and I will get you access credentials.
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183 comments found.

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