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186) ZIN KO KO 1720067 on 2020-11-09
I have to keep my eyes on the table as is moving and assign the right staff to the right task to complete the task on the time with the given budget and resources.
187) izzat 1722563 on 2020-11-09
game is fun, i success at the third time trying it lol
188) Ahmad Muslih 1725059 on 2020-11-10
very good by game developer. I hv fun.
189) Aimie Nadia 1710006 on 2020-11-10
Interesting game and I enjoy it.
190) Balqis 1715230 on 2020-11-10
interesting game and I enjoy it =)
191) Balqis 1715230 on 2020-11-10
interesting game and I enjoy it =)
192) asimah1813212 on 2020-11-10
nice game. i enjoy it. thanks to the one in charge.
193) Laila 1727070 on 2020-11-11
This is an interesting game for project management. We not just play for fun but also to get new knowledge for project schedule and budget. Thank you.
194) Micah Pascual on 2020-11-25
The game was fun and interesting.
195) Mr Sykes on 2021-01-10
Struggled a bit but it is a very developing game, I enjoyed the game
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195 comments found.

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