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145) Muzi Mzimela on 2019-03-10
Wow that was very intersting game indeed.
I played 3 times but failing to locate the staff according and i managed to work on the budget onthe 4th attempt. thank you for the powerful game that sharpens our mind, it really make the brain think and focus, i really enjoyed it.
I believe you do may be have some activities that can be printed / use other app to accept on line game like this that we can share with the team we work work. just want something that can make them think but also have sine like this one. even some link will do.
146) Robc on 2019-03-11
MM. Glad you like the game! I don't have any other links or published information to share. The web is bursting with information on Project Management though as I am sure you know. I just want to provide a simple but fun game that gets to the heart of the PM role.
147) Jill on 2019-03-14
Hello all,

I'm a PM professor and love the tool. How are others using it in the classroom. Would love some new ideas.

Thank you in advance
148) Wai on 2019-03-18
This is wonderful! I was looking for some exercises to help teach project management principles and this was fun and educational. Keep up the great work.
149) Robc on 2019-03-18
Glad you like it Wai! Jill, sorry that nobody has responded to your question. I am the developer. I know that a great many educators have told me that they use the game in class, alas, I don't know exactly how. The few that I worked with early on in the development of the game used a combination of home work and in-class discussion with the game projected on a screen. The ability to pause was not in the original game and I had a lot of feedback requesting that feature so now you have it. I would suggest that if you don't hear from others that you just experiment with it. Good luck and glad you like the game also! Robc.
150) Gottfried on 2019-03-24
Wonderful tool. Thanks for making it easy to exercise in a classroom environment.
151) roz on 2019-04-14
I enjoyed playing this game. I found it to be an effective learning tool. I recognized several things (1) it is important to recognize the character of each player their strength and weakness and (2) avoid burnout. As Project Managers to distribute the assignments using all team players. The assignment offered the chance button twice but did not use it. As the PM I did save the business money however the project was overextended.
152) Robc on 2019-04-15
Thanks Gottfried/roz!!
153) francis kioko on 2019-06-04
I enjoyed praying this game. I have learn a little bit about assigning tasks accordingly in order to stay under the budget
154) Denise on 2019-06-04
Interesting game, I played 3 times. Completed and under budget the first time the next 2 times I was over budget. The game is moving so fast, it kept me on my toes maybe and only used the change button the second time when I over spent.
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182 comments found.

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