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141) CarolineT on 2019-01-07
Is it possible to get access to the educational variant of the game please?
142) Robc on 2019-01-08
Caroline, glad you are interested in using the game in your classes! The education version is no longer available. All of the extra features that the education version had are now included in the main game which is online and available for you to use for free.
143) Joe on 2019-01-15
Great training tool.

Sometimes the team you get can't make time/budget work. Can we get some tools for that? Maybe an expansion, where you get the team first, then say what you think the timeline and budget would look like, with your existing resources?
144) Robc on 2019-01-15
Hey Joe, thanks for the comment! A couple of years ago I developed an expanded 'senior PM' version where you hired your own team members and they persisted, that is you could use the same team for future more complicated projects. I think I made the game too complicated though since it was not very popular. I am working on something in-between now, something where indeed you can select your team members, train them, and keep them for multiple projects but the new version will retain most of the simplicity of this original game. If you register and leave me an email address while doing so then I'll notify you when the new version is ready to try. I don't have an ETA at the moment.
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144 comments found.

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