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115) Kiera on 2017-11-24
Game is addictive!! very fun!
116) Robert Charney on 2017-11-30
Thanks for all of your positive comments!

@Dani, in fact the features you asked for are being developed in a new expanded version of the game. It is just taking me much longer to get it published than I had hoped. Game development is just a hobby for me now and so I haven't been able to get it done yet. Check in here periodically though as I will publish the new version as soon as I can. Robc.
117) Mir Ibarrs on 2018-02-04
Really nice game! I can't wait for the new expanded version. Thank you! your job is really appreciated smile.
118) Pedro Frazao on 2018-02-06
Funny game... has lots of fun!!!
119) Gautam on 2018-03-15
How do we report PDUs for playing this game?
120) Cameron Carter on 2018-03-18
Game was fun and very knowledgeable
121) Irina on 2018-03-25
Great game! Thank you very much!!
122) Mbali on 2018-04-02
Nice game makes me feel like a great project manager lol lol
123) George on 2018-04-03
Thanks, it's good for learning.
124) Robc on 2018-04-03
Thanks! I am glad that you all like the game! Robc.
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155 comments found.

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