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101) Robc on 2017-04-24
Sue, to reduce costs I moved the game to a lower cost server... and while that shouldn't make a difference I too have noticed that some browsers are not allowing the game to play correctly. I am trying to identify the cause(s) and fix it. In the mean time I recommend trying a different browser (for example Chrome or Firefox) and seeing if that works for you.

The game still does work most of the time in most of the browsers I have tried, just getting an occasional blip... from my trials anyway, I'd love to hear if the problem is more wide spread than I think it is. Thanks in advance to any and all who will let me know.
102) Ellen on 2017-05-02
I'm addicted! It's super easy and fast to learn. I feel like I'm at a racetrack and betting on my horse to win. At one point I was even cheering out loud as the simulation progressed. Another thing you could do is make it a game with other players (known or anonymous) and play against someone on the same simulation and see who is the superior PM. (Yes, I know I'm a nerd and competitive).
103) Robc on 2017-05-02
smile Ellen
104) DW\'s Daddy on 2017-05-06
I know Ellen and we're both nerds!
105) Ottmar on 2017-06-02
So good the game is. Easy learning and interesting, which I can learn a lot!
106) Jodi2 on 2017-06-05
Happened to come across this on my online project management course with EdX. Why did I have to find this game? Now I'm hooked!
107) Sunil Maddila on 2017-07-09
Very good game to know on cost & time effective allocation of resources.
108) Joy Cupido on 2017-07-30
I enjoyed the game. The timer puts pressure on making/changing a decision. Please take it off - lol!
109) Robc on 2017-08-03
Lol Joy! The game is pretty easy as I am sure you know, removing the timer would pretty much make it a super sleeper.

Thanks for the positive comments Ottmar,Jodi, Sunil, Joy
110) bigboy97 on 2017-08-30
too ez
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183 comments found.

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