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51) Faisal Anwer on 2013-05-01
Wow! this is so exciting and giving motivation to read more about PMP
52) Robc on 2013-05-02
Well, as you can tell from my last post I am a little behind schedule. But the senior version will be available for testing very soon!

53) Robc on 2013-05-29
Just an update on the new version. Although all the major pieces are in place and the game is working there are several bugs that I deem critical to solve before release to open testing. Despite my best efforts these are proving much more difficult to solve than I ever thought possible.

As a one man shop, it is very difficult to isolate these things and solve them. I just don't want people to think that I am dragging my feet or anything of the sort. I want to get this version out as soon as possible. I think fans of the original game are absolutely going to love it. But if I release it in its current state then I am likely to lose too many of you because it can be a bit frustrating to play right now.

It won't be perfect when it releases to testing, but I want it at least to be more fun than frustrating... thanks for your patience. I hope you will love the final product. I think you will.

54) Robc on 2013-05-29
I am in the process of moving the original PM game to a new and better server today. The new server is hundreds of times faster and better and will accomodate the increase in traffic and processing power required for the senior PM version.

Don't worry, the original game will stay intact but I want it to be housed together with the senior version so that assets can be shared.

Anyway, if you have any trouble connecting or other problems then please wait 24 hours and all should be cleared up. If problems persist after that then by all means send me an email.


55) Ypersiel jean-pol on 2013-07-13
very good start

you could add more precise metrics in the future

thanks a lot
56) Robc on 2013-07-14
Thanks Y, I think you will like the senior version. I confess that I am having trouble getting it ready for release with more last minute bugs than I ever anticipated... still I think it is well worth the wait.
57) Jorge Dueñas on 2013-07-26
Great game!
Can I use it in clas?
58) Robc on 2013-07-26
I am going to be taking the educational version offline soon. The first round of game testing on the new version starts next week. Send me an email ( if you want to test the new version or if you absolutely need to have the ability to stop time in the current version (Stopping time is really the only difference between the version you have already played and the education version).

Of course you are absolutely welcome to use the regular browser version in the classroom anytime you like.

When the "Senior PM" version is finally released it will have a "sandbox" mode that is designed specifically to assist teaching PM skills.

59) liam h on 2013-08-19
good game except the fact that i hit a budget of 840k and my assigned budget was 828k and i still completed it
60) Robc on 2013-08-19
Must be a bug... I am spending most of my time on the senior version at the moment so I will have to look into this one a little down the road, thanks for letting me know. The senior version should go to open testing in a week or two.
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277 comments found.

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