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31) Robc on 2011-02-08
Thanks for the comment. The education version of the game has that feature to allow discussion of each decision in the classroom. I am restricting the use of that version to teachers in classrooms however because I think it makes the game a bit too easy otherwise, the time stress is really the main challenge.

Having said that, I am happy to announce that I have fully spec'd out the next version of the game and started preliminary work on it. And the next version will allow players to stop and start the simulation as often as they like. I am not prepared to list all of the other new features just yet, but I think that if you like the current game then you will absolutely love its bigger brother. The next game will capture many of the suggestions from this board for a deeper and much more challenging game while still remaining focused on only the most basic decisions faced by project managers.


32) PMProf on 2011-07-15
I am really glad to hear you are working on V.2 Robc!

I will be having a new crop of budding PMs hit your sim in another couple of weeks!


33) Robc on 2011-07-15
Glad to hear from you PMProf! I hope the new group does well.
34) PMProf on 2011-07-22
Thanks Robc.

Here is my LinkedIn profile for you:

35) PMProf on 2011-08-05
How do I "log in" as a previous profile RobC (i.e. PMProf vs. a random name)?

I would like to track my success % and see if it correlates to the success rate(s) found in the PM literature.

Thank you.

36) Robc on 2011-08-08
Unfortunately, this simple game was not designed with long term permanent players in mind, so permanent profiles are not maintained. The data is aggregated only for the life of the cookie on the player's machine (which if I recall correctly is 10 days). I am installing a full and permanent player profile and login system in the next version so that registered user data will be permanently stored and retrievable.

If for the moment you only want to compare your scores from the past (as opposed to log in and continue playing under a previous name) then the data are available in the stats logs. You may recall that I gave you alone access to a url that compiles data from these logs at Use the username and password that I gave you previously.

To save you time... here is what I show in the stats log for PMProf: Starts:308, Finish:256, Win:172, Loss on Schedule:49, Loss on Budget:35, Chance cards played:225, Win value:$145,542 (PS if you don't want me to leave these public let me know and I will edit this post)

Also, if it is really important to you for your classroom work then I can aggregate different players manually in the database (as long as they entered a custom name) or update your current cookie data to your old name, PMProf, or make similar changes... just let me know what you need.

37) Srikant Sampath on 2012-03-03
This is a great game. I use it for developing managers in project management. Is simple to demonstrate than belting out a long theory. Thanks! Looking for the next version. Do you have a desktop version? Being in India and having remote project locations we face a challenge on internet connectivity? Would be a great help if you have it and could send it.
Regards Srikant
38) Robc on 2012-03-03
Thanks for the kind words! I am glad that you like the game, simple is often best. The next version is in development but I am afraid that it too is planned as a browser game. I am not sure that there would be enough demand for a desktop version and since there would be no advertising revenue that makes it hard to justify.

I'll give it some more thought though since I do like to support academic uses of the game and off the top of my head I think it might be easy enough to create. If I were to stick to the existing Javascript code but address it differently then the game would still be played in the browser but not require an internet connection. Please don't get your hopes up since I am a little over committed at the moment but I will take a quick look at the idea. Thanks again.

39) Bryan on 2012-06-23

I am PM trainer. I need a simulation for my training classes. I am interested in your game. Do you have plan to release a game (from 2 to 4 hours) for training purpose? If yes, please drop me a line via email/

40) Robc on 2012-06-25
Thanks for your comment and inquiry about I am indeed working on a new and more involved version of the game. I have sent you an email.

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310 comments found.

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