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271) VUYISEKA MPENDULO on 2023-06-11
interesting game
272) cumbot707 on 2023-06-27
nice little game
nice work robc
after 13 years you've still got this up
pretty cool
would love a small update to refresh the site
273) wajdi on 2023-07-05
it's interresting
274) Ernst Hanstein on 2023-07-11
It was interesting to allocate the people to different tasks..
275) Anzani Nemakonde on 2023-07-11
Interesting when counting the budget, but I didn't win
276) Siphiwe Ntshangase on 2023-08-09
The Game is interesting and important to know how you task your team whiles calculating your budget to save company money and on-time deliverables.
277) Choice Mazimbe on 2023-09-02
Enjoyed the game and learned a lot about how to resource management in a project.
278) Mpho James Machike on 2023-10-05
interesting, I learnt quite a lot.
279) Prudence Matete on 2023-10-06

It's interesting, at least I have managed to save company's money, but there's a lot I need to learn.
280) Irmgard on 2023-10-07

This game was really interesting and did put a beat to my heart but i did really enjoy the game.
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310 comments found.

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