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241) Tima Zhorobaev on 2022-08-26
This simple game of random outcomes shows what mistakes can cause projects to fail. There is a popular phrase like "time is money" for every delay, many plans in a project can change completely and we are talking not only about deadlines but also about the budget. In my opinion, this simple game will be useful for many novice project managers to look at possible random cases of different events from which further analysis can be done.
242) Eucharia on 2022-08-27
The game is really challenging. it makes you know your staff strength and their capabilities, the staff that can multi-task and the ones that cannot. it also made me understand that many projects are time bound, the way project A was handled, when applied to project B, you might not get the same feedback.

Kathy- $180K
VICKY- $144K
Kathy- $178k
Kathy- $148k
jane- $82K


Under Budget
243) Eucharia on 2022-08-27
You cannot determine the success of a project by the previous project done. i love game.

Kathy $192K
Kathy $117K
Kathy $229K
Jim $128K
Kathy $122K


OK $788K
244) Lee on 2022-08-27
It really allows you to rethink your resources and budget vs the project scope and activities.
Mine was OK @800k
245) Bot 134 on 2022-08-28
Very amazing and interesting game! Might be little helpful to some people!

Kathy $12K
Kathy $14K
Kathy $4K
Jim $10K
Kathy $9K


Over Budget! $49K
246) Mpume on 2022-09-05
Assigning tasks according to rate of task completion was easy . I found it challenging to predict how much staff members would spend. It made sense that the expensive staff would overspend hence allocated shorter period of time but it was surprising to see the slower staff overspending. Interesting game.
247) the MRR on 2022-09-16
248) Boele009 on 2022-10-13
Very cool game!
249) Robc on 2022-10-23
I just want to thank everyone for your continued support and appreciation of this game, it is indeed its very simplicity and relevance to project management in the real world that makes it compelling. Robc (tpmg game developer)
250) hi on 2022-11-21
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310 comments found.

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