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231) Amimm on 2022-02-20
Very fun game, if a bit easy, played it way too much, finished way under budget several times. There's an addictive "one more round" kind of quality to this game, easy to learn, rounds are fast so there's not much punishment for experimenting and failing, never used the chance option though.
232) Manuel Kolp on 2022-04-08
Nice and addictive game. Is there a extended version (more tasks, more weeks, more persons, more events, more dependencies between tasks, ...)? Also taking into account failed projects in the results.
233) Molly Plaatjie on 2022-04-29
If you engage people who are all slow, the chances of not completing the project tasks on time are slim, therefore you need to include competent and fast people.
234) Seb on 2022-06-10
This game is so addictive, once you've understood the basics, you'll always win. Assign the fast worker (Kathy) to the Project tasks
Asssign average or lower cost workers on the other tasks (John, Vicky, Ann, Jim) Don't bother with the others, if you don't have 1 fast + 2 average/low cost, just refresh the page
Use Lady Luck, the benefits are higher than the risks, if you're running late due to a bad event, just swap out slowed workers with faster ones.
Guaranteed success under budget.
235) Maxine on 2022-06-27
Fun game, easy to understand, helps quantify effective budgeting and resource allocation successfully and easily.
236) Sehlorana Penester Tjale on 2022-06-28
The game was exciting and actually gave me the experience of allocating my staff members according to their capabilities. It also made me realize how real the scenario is in a real work environment as many Project managers burn out many of their staff members in order to save the company money.
237) Issa on 2022-07-23
Just discovered this simulation game very interresting ... Guest now i can run my poor country!! lol!!!
238) Issa on 2022-07-23
Sometimes it write that you are overbudget when you arent
239) Shyleene on 2022-07-29
Very interesting
240) Ping Yu Chiu on 2022-08-26
This game is exciting. we have to think about how to let our employee to do their best, and also need to control the budget and time. It is actually help me to learn the experience of assigning employees according to their abilities. It also made me realize how real this link is in a work environment. I think many project managers destroy employees in order to save the company money.
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310 comments found.

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