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218) Simi on 2022-01-31
The key was to look out for the most efficient workers and not overwork the remaining. You also want to look at the key tasks that are predecessors for other tasks and assign the fast employees to those tasks. Look for tasks that have no dependencies and assign the slow and inexpensive workers to those (to cut costs).
219) David Johnson on 2022-01-31
Budget $827K 1st round: It took noticing who'd spend less in the allotted time!
Kathy $200K
John $114K
Rudy $180K
Mark $164K
John $80K
Spent: $738K Under Budget!!!
220) David Johnson on 2022-01-31
Budget $903K Round 2: Went over budget but registered 901K ?????
Jim $243K
Vicky $216K
Mark $168K
221) David Johnson on 2022-01-31
Budget $881K Round 3: Went under budget (ok), but had major staff burnout!!!
Bob $180K
222) Winnie Kimani on 2022-02-01
I am guilty of playing this more than the required times. This was such a fun learning activity. I really like the chance option. It gave me time to think and evaluate how to proceed. I had a couple of staff burnouts but rarely and over budget so I guess I am the worst manager so far. Hopefully my employees don't quit on me haha. Lastly, I support what Simi mentioned above, the trick is to know predecessors and key tasks.
First round- Budget $896000, Actual Cost- 804K, Burnout from Bob and Rudy, completed on time
Second Round- Budget 950k, Finished at 736k no staff burnout and completed on time
Third round Budget 875k budget 648k completed on time and personal best
223) Beatrice on 2022-02-04
Interesting game on how to manage projects effectively. The skill is not to overwork employees and to assign tasks according to capability. It's also important to keep an eye on the budget as you assign tasks.
224) Ritwik on 2022-02-04
The game reminds me of Sudoku. You need to distribute responsibilities among the team members in such a way that you use everyone and at the same time no member is over worked.
225) Laveena Pareek on 2022-02-04
1st round:

Budget $855K

Ann: 142K
Bob: 180K
Ann: 188K

Resuslt: Over Budget! 887K

2nd Round:

Budget $817K

Vicky: 204K
Marti: 142K
Vicky: 105K
Ann: 177K

Resuslt: Over Budget! 838K

3rd Round:

Budget: 750K

Kathy: 196K
Jane: 58K
Kathy: 120K
John: 90K
Jim: 183K

Result: Under Budget: 647K
226) Laveena Pareek on 2022-02-04
You are a great PM!
This is a wonderful assertion.
227) Bernard Antwi on 2022-02-04
The game was very exciting and educative.
Allocating resources to efficient workers helped to reduce overspending.

Round 1
Total Budget: $859,000
Ann $204K
Mark $208K
Rudy $264K
Jane $58K
Ann $69K
Over Budget! 803K

Round 2
Total Budget: $832,000
Kathy $208K
Kathy $112K
Kathy $184K
Rudy $282K
Mark $184K
Over Budget ! 970K

Round 3
Total Budget : $862,000
John $146K
John $98K
John $84K
Vicky $228K
Ann $135
Under Budget! $691K
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306 comments found.

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