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211) lalita on 2021-10-27
how do I get to the end page for the results?
212) Katrina De Guzman on 2021-11-13
This is very interesting! I enjoyed it!
213) Rinisha on 2021-11-28
this is good and interesting game , I really like this game .
214) Cesar on 2021-11-30
This is a very informative game. What is the best combination to be below budget and finish before scheduled time? Thanks
215) Maria Nono Sibanyoni on 2021-11-30
I have tried but i keep over bdgeting, i guess i do not get the game.
216) paper master on 2021-12-18
The game is a real eye opener about some of the challengers associated with project management. Its quite interesting.
217) John Donalds on 2022-01-26
I am a carrot
218) Simi on 2022-01-31
The key was to look out for the most efficient workers and not overwork the remaining. You also want to look at the key tasks that are predecessors for other tasks and assign the fast employees to those tasks. Look for tasks that have no dependencies and assign the slow and inexpensive workers to those (to cut costs).
219) David Johnson on 2022-01-31
Budget $827K 1st round: It took noticing who'd spend less in the allotted time!
Kathy $200K
John $114K
Rudy $180K
Mark $164K
John $80K
Spent: $738K Under Budget!!!
220) David Johnson on 2022-01-31
Budget $903K Round 2: Went over budget but registered 901K ?????
Jim $243K
Vicky $216K
Mark $168K
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310 comments found.

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