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21) Robc on 2010-10-07
We don't keep formal leader boards at but one outstanding player definitely deserves recognition. "Ace" visits the site often and has racked up over 950 wins and completed more than $800 million in on-time and under budget projects. Way to go ACE! That is definitely a great name choice for you. I can already smell 1000 wins and over $1 BILLION in completed projects in your near future!

22) Robc on 2010-10-16
Ok, ok... by popular demand...

Temporary Top Ten
23) Robc on 2010-11-12
Update on the leaderboard... Ace is a moment away from the million $ mark, agilesam is a new rising star...

Temporary Top Ten
24) Robc on 2010-11-17
Good job today Ace:

Ace:completed 1181 projects ($1,000.7mil)
25) Robc on 2010-11-19
I had a request by a professor to use the game in an undergraduate PM class, so I made a variant of the game suitable for educational purposes. The variant allows time to be slowed and/or the game paused. This version will only be made available on a temporary basis for limited teaching purposes. Contact me at if interested.

PS. I also have advertising slots open, terms available on request.
26) PMProf on 2010-11-24
Great game Robc!

Incorporating feedback from two previous posters, I have aligned many of the latent concepts in the game to page 43 of the PMBOK to frame the game; delivering it in a graduate program and portfolio management course this term.

Thanks for this jewel of a game!
27) Robc on 2010-11-27
Thanks PMProf! I am glad that I was able to make a few adjustments for you to make the game more useful in the classroom. It is amazing to me how many important Project Management concepts are embodied in this relatively simple game.
28) PMProf on 2011-01-31
Hello Robc; another great simulation with a new class of students!

I ran it in week 1 as an interactive sim; having each student make decisions out loud; and then delivered the lecture and then debriefed the exercise.

Not only were light bulbs going off the entire lecture and debrief; some of my students are still playing it and still reference it during our subsequent discussions.

Thank you.
29) Robc on 2011-01-31
Oh, that is just so great to hear! I have been meaning to contact you to see how things were going with the classes but I keep letting other priorities step to the front... just the sort of dilemma that we are training ourselves and others to solve!! smile Keep me posted!

30) albertcmz on 2011-02-07
It would be great to have a button to pause the simulation,change the assignments and continue the simulation.
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310 comments found.

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