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11) Robc on 2010-07-22
I do need to make it more clear that you can change staff assignments while the timeline is moving, I am glad that you like it! Thanks for the comments.
12) Great PM on 2010-07-22
I am a novice at project management and 'm already a Great PM. Maybe we need to have more tasks, resources and a detailed breakup of the costs and capabilities of the resources.
13) Robc on 2010-07-22
Great PM, I believe that mastering the relatively simple task of assigning appropriate resources to tasks is a huge step in becoming a great PM. And I think you would be surprised at how many experienced PMs still have trouble doing this correctly. Having said that, mastering this game does not come close to touching on all of the constraints and nuances of assigning resources in the real world, but it is a good start.

By popular demand it looks like that I will be developing a deeper game that will challenge you, so stay tuned to this channel and thanks very much for the feedback!
14) Radomani on 2010-08-05
seemed ok couldnt figure out why i couldnt us ethe money in rl?
15) ShawnP on 2010-08-06
Great fun. Just like in life, I end up with too many slow and expensive resources. I agree, you should continue to expand it.
16) Robc on 2010-08-06
Thanks ShawnP! I am putting together an expansion plan now. And Radomani... I wish it was real money too!
17) Ray on 2010-08-06
Not sure if this was submitted already, as I don't have time to read all the comments, but you should make a game with PMBOK pg 43, and all the inputs and outputs of all the processes, like a matching game.
18) Robc on 2010-08-07
Ray... I was aware of PMBOK but hadn't thought to use it as a guide for the next version. I'll dig up a copy and look at pg 43 for ideas. 4th Edition (2008) I presume? I don't have that one yet. Thanks for the suggestion!
19) KC on 2010-10-06
sometimes, i finish a little under budget, but the results will show that I lost!
20) Robc on 2010-10-06
Hmmm... that shouldn't happen KC, I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know and sorry that it has happened to you.
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310 comments found.

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