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1) Robc on 2010-06-16
Welcome to the Project Management game. I would love to hear from you if it is too hard, too easy, or what you like or don't like about it. Thanks.
2) yadav on 2010-06-30
needs more variation .....
3) bobbie on 2010-07-04
It's a cool little game. I wish the time line was a little slower so I had more time to think about who to change up. I guess that's the point...time wait's for no one.
4) JohnB on 2010-07-06
A nice little game when you need a short break. Things I would add in no particular priority: profit/loss, increasing levels of difficulty with progressively more tasks and dependencies. Each project is 5 weeks, maybe make the first rounds go 4 weeks, and add both weeks and tasks to higher levels. Have the game go to 52 weeks with maybe 6 projects total. Keep top score history where score is based on profit acheived over the series of projects. Incentive for early complete, penalty for late complete.
5) Robc on 2010-07-06
Bobbie -> Yup, time marches on. It is a fast paced game on purpose since project managers don't usually have a lot of time to play a long involved game.

Yadav and JohnB -> You may have noticed that this is 'Project alpha'. If the game catches on then I will introduce more difficult variants 'beta', etc. and include some of the ideas you have suggested John.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming! What would you like to see in a sequel? I'd love to hear it.
6) bobbie on 2010-07-06
Still playing. Getting better at it. Ditto JohnB. Worth expanding.
7) Robc on 2010-07-12
Thanks again Bobbie! I will put 'Project Beta' on the things to do list, I have definitely received comments here and offline with suggestions for making a deeper game. Also... fixed the 'blank name' bug today for anyone curious.
8) Dave V on 2010-07-20
Good fun game. I'd like to see more and would be very much interested if you ever expnd this into games that could beused for PM training (I teach a PM course for a local university).

Good diversion. Keep up the creative work.
9) leansimulations on 2010-07-21
Great little game! After playing it 20 times or so, I found that there are scenarios that are impossible to win, like if all expensive guys or all slow guys come up. Still it is very addictive!
10) leansimulations on 2010-07-21
Ah, just realized that you could switch assignments before project completion. This changes things. Back to the drawing board!
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310 comments found.

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